Arab African Union

Together, for a world closer to Russia
With the support of the Government of Saint (LLC TO RUSSIA) Petersburg Arab African Union “Petroarabia Africa” in Saint Petersburg on the territory of the St. Petersburg Company headquarters, and with the aim of developing all possible types of cooperation between Russia, Africa and Arab countries including agriculture . And in a direct endeavor to unify all efforts related to the development of foreign trade with Arab and African countries, in a single platform that accommodates everyone from all over Russia and the world in Saint Petersburg With the help of God and your help, our center will strive to increase the volume of trade exchange with Africa and with the Arab countries,and attracting the most important Russian industrial and commercial Institutions in Africa and the Arab countries, and developing cooperation based on mutual benefit in all possible fields 3-Russia in 2019. The Russia-Africa Summit (1) was held. It always seeks to strengthen all kinds of cooperation with Arab countries, and many joint forums and exhibitions are held to serve this purpose. This is evidenced by the participation of the most important popular and strategic forces, centers and associations in the Russian Federation, It appears that all this is directly sponsored by the country’s highest authorities . Russia today is stepping to cooperate with confidence in Africa and the Arab countries. As we all know, the best estimate of a country’s contribution to the world’s civilization is an appraisal worthy of the contribution Therefore, our center seeks to create a better model For mutual and beneficial relations between Russia, Africa and the Arab countries . As each one of you can be an active member of our union and provide his own contribution and vision that may make a difference.

Together, for a world closer to Russia

Sincerely, the General Manager of “To Russia”, Dr. Akhmad Altaib Davod

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